Nobu's Japanese Restaurant
       -Specializing in Fresh Fish
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To download our lunch menu, please click here.


All lunches are served with garnish, miso soup, steamed rice, and salad
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura               $8.50
Fried Olysters                                      $9.50
Grilled Mackerel                                  $8.50 
Grilled Salmon Shioyaki                       $8.50
Fried Salmon                                       $8.50
Broiled Beef with Ginger                      $8.50
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki                       $8.50
Chicken Katsu                                      $8.50
Pork Katsu                                           $8.50
Chicken Ginger                                    $8.50


Garden Salad                                       $5.00
Cucumber Salad (Sunomono)                $5.00
Fresh Seaweed Salad                            $7.00
Marinated Seaweed Salad                     $5.00
Marinated Squid Salad                                 $7.00
Nobu Special Salad Greens                  $10.00
Tuna or Salmon


Zaru Soba                                            $5.50
Cold Japanese buckwheat noodles with a soy base for dipping, seasoned with green onions, fresh ginger

Ten Zaru                                             $9.00
Zaru soba with tempura shrimps
Yaki Udon                                           $8.00
Pan-fried Japanese noodles with vegetables
With Beef or Chicken                                         $9.50 
With Shrimp                                                     $11.00

Tempura Soba or Udon                         $9.50
Fried Japanese noodle with shrimp tempura


Ice tea or soft drinks                            $1.75
Juice (apple or orange)                        $2.00
Budlight & Budweiser Beer                   $3.00 
Asahi, Sapporo or Kirin Beer 12 oz        $4.00
22 oz                                                  $6.00
Plum Wine                                          $3.00
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi             $7.00
small bottle (187 ml)
White Zinfandel or Chardonnay
Small Glass 
Large Glass
Cold Sake
Large                                                               $10.75

 New Cold Premium Sake, large Market Price

Lunch Specials

Special A                                           $10.50
Sashimi, cooked fish (salmon or mackerel), salad.
Special B                                           $14.50
Sashimi, cooked fish (salmon or mackerel), tempura, sunomo

Sushi Lunch

Sushi Combination                               $13.00
Chirashi Lunch                                    $13.00
Tekkaju Lunch                                    $13.50
Raw Tuna or Salmon on Sushi Rice                    

Variety of Rice

All dishes served on a bed of rice.
Chicken Donburi                                  $9.50
Grilled Chicken, Teriyaki Sauce
Oyako Donburi                                     $9.25
Chicken boiled in a house sauce with onions, topped with egg
Katsu Donburi                                      $9.25
Deep fried pork cooked with egg and onion.
Tempura Donburi                                 $9.50
Shrimp and vegetable tempura
Unagi Donburi                                     $14.00
Eel prepared in a delicately seasoned soy sauce
Kama Meshi                                          $9.75
Japanese style rice with chicken, black mushrooms, bamboo shoots and yam.
Seafood Kama Meshi                            $13.00
Shrimp, Scallops, Salmon.


Pineapple, or seasoned fruits                $4.00
Japanese Style Jello                             $3.50 with red beans and brown sugar sauce
Green tea ice cream                             $3.50
Red bean ice cream                              $3.50
Extra Soup or Rice ................... $1.25